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Monitoring of your solar asset seems as if it is a necessity to ensure you are receiving full value from your installation.

However, how many of us can easily identify if there is an issue?

Mole Energy: Solar PV Upgrades to Maximise System Efficiency

Solar log Although there are few moving parts within a Solar PV system it is still an electrical circuit and as with all things electrical, things can go wrong. Whether the current flows cause mechanical movement or even issues within the panels themselves these cannot be easily identified by the user. As such loss of generation can occur and not be fully recognised without constant monitoring and the skillsets to identify the issue.

With Solar Log you will have full transparency of your system and identify any losses in the system as well as visibility on your generation ensuring you are receiving the correct return on your investment.

The Solar Log is setting new international standards when it comes to monitoring and managing PV systems and arrays whether domestic or business. Perfect and precise monitoring provides the basis for flawless operation and its intelligent controlling system helps maximise the consumption of self-produced power and energy in no time.

The Solar Log fits into every house or business with its modern design and easy to read screens. The Solar Log 1200 also comes with a TFT colour touch screen to operate the device and to display yield graphics in a descriptive and simple manner. The LCD status display provides comprehensive information on the overall system and its operating status.

The Solar Log 300 which is designed for use in domestic environments offers the client the flexibility of remote monitoring and generates graphical reports via a web browser. It can record and present self-consumption data and create visualization of individual appliances. In addition Moleenergy can monitor your system for you thereby allowing any errors to be quickly addressed and fixed and manage your asset remotely, giving you peace of mind that your system is reaching its maximum yield.

Whether you are a homeowner or a business MoleEnergy have a monitoring solution to suit your requirements.

Benefits include:

  • Financial monitoring
  • Failure monitoring
  • Documented Service calls
  • Consumption Control
  • Performance comparisons
  • Inverter monitoring and control
  • Reporting
  • Fix Errors Quickly
  • Optimised consumption of self produced power
  • Central error overview
  • Reach maximum yields

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