Making the most of your Solar PV asset

The demand for information regarding any process within a business has increased in the past few years. The Internet of Things (IOT) and also the move towards Industry 4.0 which is described as the next industrial revolution has generated even greater interest into our processes in order to improve efficiency.

Mole Energy: Solar PV Upgrades to Maximise System Efficiency

Within any business we want to make the most of any investment that we make and as such we need to understand if it is operating at its optimum efficiency in order to generate additional revenue or is saving costs as intended.

Monitoring of your Solar PV asset is no exception to this and by doing so it is easy to spot any trends which could be having an adverse effect on generation. In addition, it starts to create a preventative maintenance programme and data is clearly represented to ease interpretation.

MoleEnergy have been at the forefront of monitoring Solar PV arrays in order to give the client visibility into the systems performance. We offer the flexibility to the client of FULL system monitoring including additional assets such as lighting, heating and Solar PV.

Complete system monitoring of your energy uses which are broken down into sectors is valuable in order to ensure maximum efficiency. We can also identify specific areas to monitor as part of a preventative maintenance programme and even monitor these assets remotely on your behalf.

Our monitoring solutions can be tailored to suit the individual clients needs and requirements to analyse specific areas of a process or just to monitor an array to ensure generation is meeting expectations.

Also, should there be an issue within the array we can not only identify this remotely on your behalf but also schedule in repairs and maintenance to minimise any downtime or loss of generation.

Solar Log 1200The SolarLog 1200 is the latest generation of monitoring systems designed specifically for businesses. It can manage up to 50 inverters at any one time and is THE most comprehensive monitoring solution on the market. It offers unequalled flexibility in system monitoring and forms the basis of bespoke solutions for your energy monitoring, giving you clear information by which to base your decisions.

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