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MoleEnergy are one of the premier suppliers into the agricultural and rural sectors for energy efficient and renewable solutions. With over 8MW of solar energy being generated annually from its installations MoleEnergy have become one of the largest solar installers in the UK.

Mole Energy: Solar PV Agricultural Installation

Dairy, Poultry and Pig farming are its main markets historically however the introduction of barn solutions has seen significant increase.

Within the dairy industry MoleEnergy has been the major supplier of ground and barn arrays and continues to support this market with its tailored solutions helping the farmer to fix his electricity costs over the coming decades and providing optimisation and battery storage to create flexibility for the industry and the individual.

Complete Solar PV installation solution

MoleEnergy services offer the complete Solar PV installation solution from its initial survey through to registering your asset and maintaining it into the future.

We will project manage the complete process on your behalf and create tailored solutions to meet your business needs.

Energy Costs

Many adopters of Solar PV are looking to lock in their energy costs as one of the few variables that they have traditionally been unable to secure in a market where many costs are fluctuating. These solutions still make financial sense and typical returns are still within the 8 year period. More important to our clients though is the opportunity to harvest their own energy and reduce exposure for future energy price rises including future proofing their consumption and becoming battery ready.

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