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The uptake of solar PV systems for the domestic user reached a peak at the end of 2015 due to the reduction in the FITs and during the past 8 years MoleEnergy have been the premier supplier of these solutions in the domestic arena.

With over 2000 satisfied clients MoleEnergy pride itself on only offering the best solutions for the customers’ needs and as such have offered unparralled customer service to the market.

However, the solar coaster of the homeowner market has once again started to climb and MoleEnergy are continuing to supply this market with ever increasing needs being satisfied.

Cheaper panels and inverters have meant that the installation prices have fallen however this is not at the expense of quality. Cheap panels can seem like the best route forward however from an initial outlay but, early degradation and failures mean this is not a cost effective way of ensuring your generation and optimum return on your investment. Poor inverters will fail every 4-5 years and replacement costs are high.

Solar Panel installations though are still leading the way as the cheapest way to buy your electricity and secure long-term, low-cost energy bills. Counter to what you may have read in the press, the Feed in Tariff is alive and well but pressure from the Government to reduce these rates further means that now is the BEST time for most consumers to enter the market place and secure their energy prices into the future.

The facts about Solar PV Installation:

  • Solar panels allow you to forward buy your electricity at approximately 10-20% of the price of mains grid rates
  • Feed-in Tariff payments are still paying for every unit of electricity that solar panels generate.
  • You can lock in 20 years of Feed-in Tariff payments from the moment your panels are commissioned, but the scheme may not be available for long.

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