Maximising Efficiency in Solar PV

Any adopter of Solar PV systems will be aware of the value of their asset whether financial or social. The technology which is adopted into these systems is designed to deliver the best return possible however, technological advances now offer even greater opportunity to create more power, increase system stability, enhanced safety and greater financial returns.

There are several areas of a Solar PV system which require regular health checks as well in order to meet the increase in regulations and warranties but also to ensure power generation is at its optimum level.

But how can you enhance a system and increase your return?


it should be through maintenance. Many systems will have degrees of degradation over the years including panel and wiring issues, software upgrades and wear and tear on components. Ultimately, it’s an electrical circuit which is generating energy and revenue and as such you would want to maintain it. We all appreciate the importance of ensuring that each system is regularly maintained from both a safety aspect but also to secure your investment. In addition, warranties usually dictate that a system is regularly maintained and serviced and is also fast becoming part of many commercial and domestic insurance policies as well.


upgrades are available for all systems. Many systems work on strings. This means that the panels are strung together to create an overall system output. These are reliable systems however, they only operate at the output of the lowest panel. If that panel is shaded or soiled in any way then the overall power output of the system is reduced to that level. This can easily be as low as 50% reduction in generation off of a single string. By the addition of smart controllers each panel can operate individually and not be affected by shading or soiling therefore increasing your potential energy creation.

Inverter technology has also moved forward with great speed and the losses inherent in this technology has advanced to increase the efficiency levels to 96-98%. No system can operate at 100% due to the DC current required in the inverter for conversion. This is a marked improvement however and can add a further 4-7% efficiency.

Monitoring of your PV asset is equally crucial. Many are not monitored and issues only become apparent when readings are taken for FIT (Feed in Tariffs). This means a potential loss of generation completely if not addressed quickly. Monitoring systems are now available for Pro -Active maintenance and increased visibility ensuring that any downtime is minimised and addressed quickly with the use of a service and maintenance plan.

With the Solar Market being hit hard by the tariff reduction many companies whom have installed PV systems are no longer in business and this means that many assets are left to the elements. Literally.

A comprehensive service and steps towards upgrades are necessary therefore in order for your asset to be protected for its lifespan giving you the best returns possible.

Getting More

With Mole Energy PV Upgrades

Each PV upgrade will include:

  • Complete system overhaul and cleaning
  • Preventative maintenance package
  • Removal of any roof issues that may occur
  • Enhanced warranty up to 20 years.
  • Battery ready for future energy capture
  • Next generation technology
  • Up to 25% increase in energy generation
  • Safety critical to meet the growing legislation requirements
  • Pro Active maintenance
  • Daily system monitoring
  • Management of fault alerts and interpretation
  • Monitoring of production output and alerts of loss of yield
  • Error alert analysis and complete diagnostic assistance
  • Monthly yield checks and reports
  • Trend analysis and reporting
  • Enhanced inverter efficiency of 4-7%
  • Individual panel management and optimisation


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