Solar PV Upgrades to Maximise System Efficiency

Technological advances now offer even greater opportunity to create more power, increase system stability, enhanced safety and greater financial returns.

Solar PV Panels and Inverter Technology

Any adopter of Solar PV systems will be aware of the value of their asset whether financial or social. The technology which is adopted into these systems is designed to deliver the best return possible however, technological advances now offer even greater opportunity to create more power, increase system stability, enhanced safety and greater financial returns.

There are several areas of a Solar PV system which require regular health checks as well in order to meet the increase in regulations and warranties but also to ensure power generation is at its optimum level.

Solar PV System

Upgrades are available for all Solar PV systems and your system is versatile in order for you to implement the latest technology no matter which inverter is installed at present.

In a PV system each panel has an individual power point and differences between panels introduce power losses. Degradation can occur at higher rates within each panel and weaker panels will affect the stronger ones. Mismatch’s occur through various different sources including shading and differing tolerances within the panel as shown below.

upgrade info

This screenshot shows 10 individual panels and the power curves generated from each one. Within this there is a clear 10% discrepancy between the best performing panel and the least. As such though the system will only operate at the lowest performing panel.

power curve graph

Many systems work on strings. This means that the panels are strung together to create an overall system output. These are reliable systems however; they only operate at the output of the lowest panel. If that panel is shaded or soiled in any way, then the overall power output of the system is reduced to that level. This can easily be as low as 50% reduction in generation off of a single string. By the addition of smart controllers each panel can operate individually and not be affected by shading or soiling therefore increasing your potential energy creation.

Mole Energy Solaredge System

By utilising Moleenergy’s upgrade each panel produces its maximum energy output and other panels which are suffering shading or soiling for example do not affect the other panels output. As such they will operate at their optimum efficiency therefore increasing your yield and enhancing your asset and return.

  • Additional harvest of up to 25% more energy.
  • Each panels performance monitored individually to ensure peak performance
  • Automatically shuts down each panel independently in case of emergency
  • Up to 25-year warranty
Moleenergy System Owner


All PV systems are safe and pose no immediate danger to your property and investment. It is however, an electrical circuit and as such needs to be regularly maintained in order for it to continue to operate effectively and safely.
With traditional inverter technology however as long as the sun is up and the system is in operation all of the wiring on the PV system is energised and as such carries high DC voltages.

With the moleenergy solar PV upgrade your system automatically provides protection.  Whenever the AC power is turned off or there is a system fault these live DC wires from the PV system are designed to de-energise. This provides automatic and instant protection to your asset, installers, property and firefighters should the unthinkable occur with integrated module-level safety shutdown.

Enhanced Inverter Efficiency

Inverter technology has also moved forward with great speed and the losses inherent in this technology has advanced to increase the efficiency levels to 96-98%. No system can operate at 100% due to the DC current required in the inverter for conversion. This is a marked improvement however and can add a further 4-7% efficiency.

As part of the upgrade we will install a new inverter which offers you unparalled performance. It is a simpler and more reliable system which is only responsible for the DC-AC conversion. All other functions are handled by the separate power optimisers which are fitted to each individual panel. As such it is reduced in size with an enhanced warranty giving it greater longevity.

  • Lower cost compared to traditional inverters
  • Superior Efficiency
  • Small, lightweight and easy to set-up and install
  • Built in communication gateway for instant system monitoring
  • 12-25 years’ warranty

Battery and Storage Ready

The requirement to become more self-sufficient and control our own power costs is now a real focus of individual’s needs. The moleenergy Solar PV upgrade solution integrates battery ready solutions as part of its system design.

Battery technology is improving month on month and it is anticipated that within the next 12-18 months this technology will have reached highly affordable levels with the technology within reach of asset owners.

As such the PV Solar Upgrade with Solaredge is ready for this technology advancement ensuring that you are able to realise this opportunity to control your costs with the flexibility to do so in your own timescales.


StorEdge Solutions

Energy Storage Capability – Battery ready Systems and Upgrades

The StorEdge solution is an upgrade which ensures that you have a future proof system that can grow and adapt as your needs change. It works in conjunction with your SolarEdge upgrade from moleenergy and ensures you are ready for energy storage battery solutions.

  • StorEdge enables you to reduce your electricity bills and maximise self-consumption by storing any unused power in a battery for later consumption
  • Uses a single inverter to monitor and manage both Solar PV generation and energy storage without the need for additional systems.
  • It is compatible with Third Party batteries such as Tesla’s Powerwall giving you control over your add-ons.


Monitoring of Your Solar PV Asset

Monitoring of your PV asset is equally crucial. Many are not monitored and issues only become apparent when readings are taken for FITs (Feed in Tariffs). This means a potential loss of generation completely if not addressed quickly. Monitoring systems are now available for Pro -Active maintenance and increased visibility ensuring that any downtime is minimised and addressed quickly with the use of a real time monitoring system

As part of the moleenergy system upgrade a complete real time monitoring system is integrated within the inverter. As such it secures your investment and ensures constant efficiency and cost saving maintenance with the visibility from any mobile device or computer.

It monitors each system at panel level for the lifetime of your system giving you full control of your asset well into the future.


Features and Benefits:

  • Full control of your asset
  • Preventative and Proactive Maintenance by alerting you to any system irregularities.
  • Panel level performance monitoring and remote maintenance leading to:
    Less trips to site and time spent on site meaning less chargeable call outs
    Increase in system running time
  • Panel/module level monitoring for your systems lifetime
  • Complete system visibility on your mobile device and computer.

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