So good the Berryman’s bought two!

The Berryman's – Terawhiti – South Milton, Kingsbridge
So good the Berryman’s bought two!

Martin and his family are 3rd (?) generation farmers from Kingsbridge and are mainly involved in the agricultural sector. The majority of the farm is now given over to crops and seasonal fruits, however in the past few years, the farm has diversified under Martin’s hands and the move towards other revenue streams such as holiday makers and camping has increased.

Whilst the family have always been concerned about the renewables and environmental aspects of farming this cannot impact the overall profitability of the farm itself. Cost control and a reduction on grid-tied energy resources meant that in 2012 the Berryman’s invested in their first Solar PV system through Mole Valley Farmers. A 4kW system which was located on the new house, which was built near to the existing farmhouse, at a time when the tariff rates were quite high. This was mainly used to supply into the home for use throughout the day.

Since then, the array has now virtually paid for itself and Martin has seen the benefit of this technology. As such, in May of 2017, he commissioned Mole Energy to install a further 4.18kW system on top of a nearby barn. This will be used to supply energy into the outbuildings and the increase in demand from the budding camping site.

The Berryman’s have been Mole Valley Farmer members for over 20 years (?) now and trust in not only the pedigree of the solutions that are supplied but also by the ethos that sits behind it.

‘I am very happy with the service that I have received from Mole Energy’ said Mr Berryman when I met with him on a fine summers day whilst the installation was underway.

With the majority of farmers now diversifying into additional revenue streams, the need to control costs and become less reliant on grid-tied energy resources is becoming more of a requirement. We wish him the very best with his camp site (which has spectacular views and a short walk to the nearby sandy beach) and I can personally vouch for the strawberries!!!

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