Breaking up isn’t the hardest thing to do, after all

I don’t know any business owner in a relationship with their energy supplier, but I know a few who act like they are. Are you one of them?

According to the stats, we Brits are more likely to get divorced than switch bank account.

Ridiculous, you might think. But most of us have a knack for not rocking the boat – and nowhere more so than in our loyalty to our business’ energy supplier.

Too many businesses choose to stick with their provider beyond their contract-end. Maybe they think switching will be too difficult. Or too expensive. Either way, deciding to do nothing is a costly choice. Most suppliers kick existing customers onto premium tariffs once their original agreement finishes.

The irony here is that switching can be fast, cheap and easy to do.

Better with (some) brokers

At Moleenergy, we provide a hassle-free energy switch service for businesses of all sizes. Simply call us on 01803 225631 and we’ll scour the market for your business’ best deal.

Once we’ve found one, we’ll manage all aspects of the switchover on your behalf on an ongoing basis, paperwork included. You’ll benefit from a dedicated account manager and – because we’re independent of any supplier – can be reassured that we’ve searched the whole market for your new tariff.

The best bit: switching with us costs only a fraction of that charged by many other brokers.

That’s why we set up the service in the first place. Many of our customers were paying too much for contracts set up by other brokers, so we decided to create a switch service built on the co-operative principles that define Mole Valley Farmers’ business.

Switch soon

Most business owners leave it late to switch and then decide not to bother, perhaps fearing they might get charged high exit fees. Others delay in the hope that energy prices will drop, which – as I explained in November – is unlikely given current market conditions.

The best time to look for new energy deals is around 6 months before the end of your contract. That way, you’ll have more of the market to play with. But the fact is, any time is a good time to look for a new energy deal.

So go on: be good to your business. You can do better than your current supplier.

Your partner? I’ll leave that to you!