We’ve sold our 50th Tesla battery!

We’ve just sold our 50th Tesla storage battery, and so far this year we’ve seen a huge rise in customers keen to invest in battery storage.

Battery storage systems take the excess energy created from your solar PV system and store it until you’re ready to make use of it. This means you’re free to use your power throughout the evening or when you need it most, even after the sun’s gone down.

Without a battery, your solar power will be fed back to the National Grid, so battery storage enables you to make the most of the power you’re generating when it suits you. You’ll be able to power the dishwasher, the kids’ tablets or that TV session from your solar, saving even more money on your energy bills.

Free Samsung tablet with a Tesla Powerwall

We’re a certified installer for Tesla Powerwall, and we’re seeing more and more solar owners take the next step on their energy savings journey with the Tesla storage battery.

We’re giving away a Samsung Galaxy tablet with all battery storage orders until the 30th September, so there’s never been a better time to go ahead with a Tesla Powerwall and optimise your solar energy.

With a tablet, you can use a simple app to keep an eye on the power you generate and store, giving you additional control over your home energy. With this full visibility of your generation and usage you can now tailor the way you use your free power to maximise your savings.

There are apps for almost every system, making it easy to control your energy from the palm of your hand. Many of our customers already rely on apps such as the Tesla app to keep an eye on their solar and battery systems.

For example, with the Tesla app you can control when you release energy from your battery into your home or when to charge your battery from the grid at off peak rates.

Apps have given our solar and battery systems a whole new level of visibility. A clear view of what your system is generating means you can start to see when your home solar is generating the most power, enabling you to plan your energy usage to optimise your free energy from the sun.

If you’d like to know more about battery storage, just call our friendly team and one of our experts will be happy to help. We’ll make sure that you choose the right battery for your needs, and we’ll handle the entire process from start to finish.