Ben’s Farm Shop,Yealmpton, with 30kW capacity Trina solar panels installed across multiple corrugated pitched roofs.

1 in 3 UK businesses have solar PV

A recent report by The Economist highlighted that one third of businesses in the UK now use solar PV to generate their own power.

More than 450 senior executives took part in a survey focusing on their commercial energy usage, and solar power was found to be by far the most popular method of producing energy independently.

We offer solar for businesses across the South West, and we encourage company owners to consider the addition of at least a small solar array as part of their green strategies.

Adding solar is a simple and effective way to make your business less reliant on the Grid, helping to promote green energy at the same time. As energy prices continue to soar, the installation of solar is one of the few ways business owners can take control of their energy bills.

It’s no surprise that commercial ventures are turning to solar to produce their own clean energy. If you think about it, businesses with large roofs such as factories, warehouses and offices are perfect for solar panels.

A south-facing roof with no shading from trees or other buildings is ideal for a solar installation, and that means businesses can take control of their energy and lower those utility bills.

Solar PV for businessSolar PV for businesses

We regularly support business owners keen to keep on top of their energy demands. One of the biggest challenges they face is keeping the cost of electricity under control.

Solar PV is ideal for supplying energy to businesses, as it generates power for instant consumption during daylight hours – when most companies are open and need it most.

38% of the executives surveyed said the main reason behind their move towards solar power was to give their business an eco-friendly push. This could be because brands are keen to do their bit and champion clean energy, but ‘solar panel PR’ can also be a positive boost for any business.

Consumers are becoming more mindful of their carbon footprints. That means it’s increasingly important for businesses to show their customers that they’re actively doing their bit for the environment.

Solar PV is a great way for businesses to show they’re willing to make changes and invest in clean energy, and a solar install is a message that boosts any brand.

Commercial Solar

We’ve installed solar PV for some of the biggest names in the South West. Ben’s Farm Shop, Dartington, John Fowler Holiday Parks and Marshfield Farm ice cream are just some of the names now benefiting from solar energy thanks to our expert team.

We were named Best Installer 2019 in the British Renewable Energy Awards, and our friendly team are always happy to offer no obligation advice on commercial solar.

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