Tesla battery storage

10 fantastic features of Powerwall battery storage

Tesla Powerwall is shaking up the world of home battery storage. It makes it possible to harness excess solar power generated by your panels and store it until you’re ready to use it. Powerwall combines a sleek design with smart performance.

Tesla Powerwall

Everyone’s talking about Tesla Powerwall

Here are just 10 reasons why everyone’s talking about Tesla when it comes to sustainable energy…

  1. It’s time to do our bit

More and more homeowners are giving the same reason for choosing battery storage…”I want to do my bit for the planet”. We’ve all got to start somewhere, and Powerwall makes it possible for solar owners to use their clean energy more efficiently.

The more solar you use, the less you need to buy from the Grid. That means you’ll enjoy minimum reliance on fossil fuels over the coming years. With battery storage becoming more affordable, there’s never been a better time to choose Powerwall.

  1. Everyone wants to be self-sufficient

Let’s face it, something about the idea of a self-sufficient home appeals to all of us. Buying less energy from the Grid means your power is quite literally in your own hands, and that’s a satisfying feeling.

Powerwall means you can switch between powering your home with solar or your battery as it suits you, minimising the amount of energy you need to buy from the Grid. You’ll be able to rely on your Powerwall if there’s a power cut too, so you’ll be free from interruptions to your electricity supply.

  1. It makes energy easy

The Tesla app enables you to choose how to power your home at any given time. The app gives you complete visibility of how much solar your system is generating. It’ll also track how much power your house is using and how much energy you’re drawing from the Grid.

You’ll be able to keep an eye on how much energy your Powerwall is storing, and then decide when to switch to the Powerwall for your energy supply. This means you’ll be able to rely on your solar during the day and let your Powerwall charge. Then, in the evening when you all return home you can  switch to using your stored power.

  1. You can scale up your battery storage

Powerwall 2.0 can store up to 13.5kWh of energy. The average home uses around 8-10 kWh of electricity each day, so you should be able to store and use enough energy to power your home with the Powerwall for at least two or three evenings.

That said, if you did for some reason need to generate 135kWh of energy, you can connect ten Powerwalls in series to scale up your battery storage. We’re pretty confident the average UK home will never need more than the 13.5kWh stored by a single battery, but it’s good to have the option if you did need the power of ten.

  1. Its sheer size

All batteries gradually decrease in storage capacity as the years go by, but that’s the great thing about having so much space to begin with. Powerwall has a power warranty of 80% energy retention even after ten years, so even after all that time you’ll have enough capacity to power the average home for a day.

Powerwall isn’t much larger than a double radiator, so there are plenty of places to subtly slip it into your home. If you picture the internal garage Tesla had in mind when they designed Powerwall, you’d be able to drive your car in and out without worrying about knocking the battery.

A sleek and simple design means Powerwall barely juts from the wall. In fact, it looks so smart that many customers request to have theirs mounted outside where they can show them off.Tesla Powerwall

  1. It’s weather-resistant

Speaking of mounting your Powerwall outside, it’s weatherproof. The clever liquid thermal management system regulates Powerwall’s temperature and its operating range stretches from an incredible -20° to 50°C.  Powerwall can happily self-regulate its temperature in any conditions, so there will never be a need to try and cool the battery or protect it from hot weather.

If you’re thinking of putting your Powerwall outside, you won’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to the Great British weather.

  1. It’s good for your pocket

There are some scary figures doing the rounds when it comes to forecast energy rates. With some experts predicting a rise of up to 75% in the next ten years, part of Powerwall’s pull is that it frees you from the Grid and the uncertainty of soaring prices.

It can be unsettling to know that, no matter which way energy rates go, we don’t have any choice but to find the money and keep the supply. Powerwall puts the control back in the homeowner’s hands and takes away the guesswork.

  1. It’s made by Tesla

Powerwall may be a big name in the world of sustainable energy, but Tesla is even bigger. The technology used in Powerwall is the same as that used in Tesla cars, and it’s the impressive capacity that gives the cars their fantastic range.

Everyone’s talking about Tesla and their forward-thinking products. Powerwall is the perfect way to enjoy sustainable living from one of the world’s leading brands.

  1. It’s nice and quiet

Our Powerwall experts are often asked if the Powerwall makes a lot of noise, and the answer is no. We tell homeowners that Powerwall won’t make any more noise than their fridge, but we have to say we’ve yet to hear anything from it.

The only part of the battery that would create any noise is the cooling system, and that has sound-absorbing foam surrounding it to keep things nice and quiet.

  1. It’s a clever piece of kit

We take our hats off to Tesla, Powerwall is a clever bit of kit. The battery system Gateway acts as the brains behind the whole system. The Gateway is a separate piece of hardware, and it knows how much energy the home is demanding compared to how much solar is stored in the battery.

The Gateway connects to the internet via the homeowner’s router and connects to the battery so it can monitor it at all times. When your installer sets your Powerwall up, they’ll add it a location and tell it how large your solar PV system is.

Powerwall will predict how much solar your system is likely to produce the next day. It also considers the average consumption profile for the household (after completing a learning phase), and alters the operation as needed.

If you’d like to find our more about how Powerwall 2.0 can help you make the most of your solar energy, call our friendly team on 01803 732946 or email [email protected]