We can’t control the headlines, but we can help your business’ bottom line

There’s no denying that today’s uncertain times are challenging for businesses. As business owners, that makes it more important than ever to keep control of where our money’s going and what we’re seeing in return.

When it comes to business costs, the small things are the big things. Take your business’ energy rates, for instance.

All kinds of factors have a bearing on the bills that land on our doormats each quarter. From fluctuating trading and transportation costs to political turbulence, rising energy rates are not set to stabilise anytime soon.

That’s why reviewing your energy supplier is one of the most impactful, positive changes you can make to your business’ finances – and one of the fastest, too!

When should you start thinking about your energy supplier?

It’s a good idea to start thinking about your energy contract from six months to a year before your current one expires. That gives you plenty of time to compare available options and ensure your business starts the next chapter on the most economical rates possible.

Whether you end up switching to a new supplier or you secure a better rate with your current one, we’ll ensure you’re on the best deal for your needs.

It’s possible to ‘lock in’ today’s rates between six months and a year before your contract end date. This can be a shrewd move in a volatile and rising market. Starting the process today could help shield your business’ finances from energy industry upsets by fixing a lower-cost supplier contract for as long as possible.

Call our expert team on 01803 225 631 and we’ll do all the hard work for you – finding the best deal, handling the paperwork and ensuring a smooth switchover to your new contract and rates.

So, whatever happens in the headlines, you’ll have a little more control over your bottom line and a little more time to work on the important bits in your business.