Are you ready for the renewable energy revolution?

A new study by the International Energy Agency has found that the world’s renewable energy supplies are growing far more quickly than was previously forecast.

In fact, a surge in the use of solar power is predicted to push renewable energy to expand by a fantastic 50% over the next five years.  

The study predicted that we’ll experience a new chapter in low-cost solar energy by 2024, boosting the world’s solar resources to grow by 600GW.

The planet’s overall renewable energy is expected to increase by 1200GW during the same period…that’s the total electricity capacity for the whole of the United States!

We’ve seen the cost of solar for homes and businesses fall dramatically over the last decade. Solar energy has never been more accessible for homeowners, and with energy rates looking increasingly volatile, it’s a sensible move to take control.

With the growing conversation around climate change, we’re also seeing more and most customers who are committed to doing what they can to reduce their own carbon footprints.

This is an important time for green energy, and options such as solar and wind power are key to the changes we’re seeing across the world’s energy system. The use of solar and wind power in our everyday lives is increasingly important in the fight against climate change, and we’re encouraged to see such visible steps forward.

As the global demand for oil and coal looks set to keep rising throughout the coming decade, The Guardian have reported that a revolution in renewable energy could well help to solve the problem.

There’s more good news for those of you interested in installing solar, as it’s forecast to drop in price by another 15-35% over the next few years.

Our fingers are crossed that ever-lowering prices will see growth accelerate even further around the world. As businesses feel the squeeze of rising energy rates, more and more are expected to choose to create their own, clean energy to avoid hefty running rates.

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