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Helping Dartmoor Activity Centre to reduce their carbon footprint

We installed solar and a Tesla Powerwall 2.0 for Dartmoor Activity Centre, helping them to teach their young visitors about renewable energy and lower their energy rates at the same time.

Solar and a Powerwall 2.0

We installed 4.13kW of solar onto the activity centre roof and a Tesla Powerwall 2.0 to provide battery storage. Dartmoor Activity Centre hosts groups of children throughout the year, enabling them to enjoy activities and new experiences in the unique setting of Dartmoor National Park.

We caught up with Donna from the activity centre to find out more about their decision to choose solar and battery storage for the site. We asked Donna what made them opt for clean energy.

“We run an outdoor activity centre for children, and we are also teaching about the environment and climate change, so it was important for us to lead by example in showing we were serious about reducing our own carbon footprint. We chose a battery back-up because most of the electricity we use is during the evening/night, when the children are inside the buildings. “

Installing the solar

Next, we asked how Donna feels the installation process went overall.

“The project went very smoothly – and we were very impressed by the detail of the information provided by Mole Energy’s Luke and the organisation and professionalism from the whole team.”

We would expect the activity centre to see a reduction in their energy bills over the coming year. Using solar energy throughout the day and storing excess power to use when they need to should mean a minimal reliance on power from the Grid. Our customers usually experience a significant reduction in their energy bills as they learn to utilise the solar power more and more efficiently.

Stepping back from the Grid

Dartmoor Activity Centre are billed quarterly for their energy, so it’s too early to report the difference in their energy costs. The centre also switched to a green energy supplier for their Grid energy at the same time as installation, using our expert switching service to find the best deal.

However, Donna has noticed that they are using considerably less energy from the Grid since installing the Tesla and starting to use the app.

We asked Donna what the best thing about the system is.

She replied “it’s a wonderful learning resource – every single person who visits, and stays in the centre are shown the panels and app. The apps make the electricity use a real, tangible thing, rather than just a concept, and they also make it more fun.

The centre now has information notices about the system – and we have noticed the lights get switched off more often than they get left on! (which is what used to happen in the past!).  It’s nice to know that we are contributing to a better future for the kids that we work with. Also, it’s a bonus to know our bills and costs will be reduced as a result.”

And as for using the Powerwall day to day?

“We’ve found it a really easy and user-friendly system.  We simply don’t have to think about it, it just works.” Lastly, we asked Donna whether she would recommend Mole Energy to anyone considering solar or battery storage and the reply was instant. ” Absolutely – 100% – and thank you all.”

If you’d like to find out more about solar, battery storage or energy switching, contact our friendly team on 01803 732946.