Why Solar Power?

Today’s technology is cost effective, simple to install and helps both Planet & Pocket. Helping the planet Over 25 years the average home solar system offsets the same amount of CO2 as recycling 16 tonnes of domestic waste or driving a family car for 112,745...

Do I need bright sunlight to generate solar power?

Solar technology reacts to daylight, not sunlight. Our country’s overcast weather is well suited for solar, as it also offers the ideal operating temperature. Today, London generates the same amount of solar power as Madrid and the UK is Europe’s fastest-growing...

Do I need a south-facing roof?

Not necessarily. South facing panels offer the best performance but installations facing east and west come a very close second. Our consultants will assess your property to ensure that solar will be viable for you.

Can solar be installed on to any type of roof?

Solar PV is designed to fit onto most roof coverings including; slate, tile, fibre-cement, tin, corrugated, standing seam and box profile. We can also install integrated roof systems too. Our consultants can advise further.

How many panels will I need?

A typical Solar PV system for the home is made up of 10 solar panels producing about 4,000*kWhs of free electricity per year. (*a kWh is a unit of electricity). Most of our customers use between 4,000 and 6,000kWh’s per year in their home.