Supporting conservation & sustainability

Creating new hedge banks, planting trees, installing new ponds and creating wildlife meadows

Supporting the National Trust’s conservation efforts
For every solar PV, battery storage and electric vehicle charger installed, Mole Energy has donated to the National Trust’s South Devon conservation programme.

Why Solar Power?
Today’s technology is cost-effective, simple to install and helps both Planet & Pocket.

Helping the planet:
Over 25 years, the average home solar system offsets the same amount of CO2 as recycling 16 tonnes of domestic waste or driving a family car for 112,745 miles. That’s the same as driving around the Earth 4.5 times.

Helping your pocket:
An average 4kWp home solar array, generating 4,000 kWh per year, could result in annual savings of between £200 and £650 per annum.

Mole Energy Oct 2022 Newsletter v2

“The National Trust’s South Devon Countryside team is very excited to be starting a new partnership with Mole Energy.

“We couldn’t be more proud to be working in partnership with the National Trust.

The Trust is investing in conservation work on the farms around the Salcombe area to increase their value for wildlife. This work includes creating new hedge banks and planting these up with trees, installing new ponds, creating wildflower meadows and carrying out woodland management, amongst many other projects. This will greatly benefit the wildlife in this beautiful area, and to have the support of Mole Energy to achieve these projects is a great step forward for nature.”

There’s a natural synergy between our organisations in our focus on supporting the environment. We’re seeing more and more customers come to us to do their bit towards sustainability by installing Solar PV and battery storage. We wanted to find a way of supporting their efforts and so for every Solar PV, Battery and Electric Vehicle Charger installed by us, Mole Energy will make a donation to the National Trust’s conservation project in South Devon.”

Emma Reece – National Trust
Area Ranger, Salcombe Project

David Stevenson – Mole Energy Managing Director

Mole Energy June 2021 Newsletter

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