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MoleEnergy are one of the premier suppliers of Solar PV across the South West of England. In the past 9 years we have successfully installed over 10MW of Solar PV arrays ranging from 2.4kW systems through to 500kW and above. Within the Solar PV industry, we are seen as one of the founder members of the deployment of this technology and have unrivalled pedigree within the marketplace.

Our mission is to ensure you are given best advice and practice in order for you to make an informed decision with all information clearly outlined. We manage the whole process internally from initial survey, paperwork, EPCs, Feed In Tariffs, design, installation and maintaining your system to ensure years of generation of renewable energy.

What are the benefits of Solar Energy?

As a homeowner, the benefits of owning a Solar PV system are great, with a reduction on your energy costs from the outset whilst still benefitting from the FIT (Feed in Tariff). Over its lifetime it will return over 200% of the initial outlay and ensures you future proof your energy costs for the next 20 years.

The example of how this works is shown in the table. This is real world data and is what you can expect to see as a homeowner.

We are all aware of the ever increasing electricity costs which sees no sign of abating. A Solar PV system ensures that you can fix your costs now and become far less reliant on the grid. Not only that, but as the table above clearly demonstrates, it is a valuable investment with excellent yields.

As for the future, it means that you can add battery storage to your system later meaning that you will be able generate, harvest, store and use your own energy produced within your home.

4.16kW avg cost
(inc VAT and scaffolding)
Bill saving £402 p.a
Fit payments £290 p.a
Total £692 p.a
Total value over 20 years £16,869

Assumes 3% electricity inflation and 2% inflation p.a
Allows for panel degradation.

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