Solar PV for Business

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Mole Energy can help your business save money

With many businesses now seeing rises of over 15% in energy costs and an anticipated rise of 5% year on year any commercial organisation has to consider how to control these spiraling overheads and reduce either consumption or lower the cost per kW/h.

Solar panels help your business save money by generating electricity to be used within the organisation and lowering your energy demand from the grid during daylight hours and saving money on your businesses energy bills.

Prices for Commercial Solar PV have continued to fall although we are about as low as these can go at present, which not only makes these solutions highly attractive but one of the most lucrative investments and decisions that you can make.

By generating electricity from solar you also reduce your carbon footprint and can offset your business’ carbon emissions. Many organisations now see this as an important part of their company’s strategy and is commonly a pre-requisite for suppliers and clients alike.

Typical return on a 30kW system over 20 years

  • Reduce your energy costs
  • See returns of over 200%
  • Government tariffs still available
  • Supplied, installed and managed by Mole Energy
  • Finance available
  • Roof, barn and ground mount
  • 10kW to 500kW systems
  Large 500kW. Solar Array designed and installed by Mole Energy at Dartington Hall, Devon.

This is REAL data and is what you will see from a typical 50kW array over 20 years.

Typical 50kW Solar PV System Installed cost £45,000
Typical Usage on site of 70% 35,0000 kW hrs per annum
Without Solar PV – Energy costs over 20 years of 35,000kW hrs annum £131,000 total
With Solar PV – Over 20 years
FIT payment over 20 years
£131,000 bill save
Total return £131,000 + £51,744 = £182,744
Less initial £45k CAPEX

The above assumes only a 3% energy price rise per annum.
*Less any service and maintenance costs.

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