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A dedicated team working on your behalf

We have an experienced team of energy experts and account managers to deal with your individual needs and a wealth of experience and knowledge in sourcing the right deal for your business.

Many businesses have never switched energy providers and will almost definitely be paying too much for their energy as a result.

“Hassle Factor” – Switching energy suppliers is perceived as a laborious task which will take time and resource. At Mole Energy we understand this which is why we do the work for you. The process is quick and painless requiring only a small amount of input from you, the business owner.

You can even do this 6 months in advance of your contract end date giving you peace of mind that you have secured the right deal in advance.

How the service works

  • All we need is a copy of your bill and your authority to get started
  • Printing and scanning can be tricky, so we often do this by post with SAE
  • We will then compare energy tariffs for you and advise
  • Once you have chosen the best tariff we organise the new contract and send it to you
  • We then ensure everything is in place for a smooth transfer between suppliers
  • Next, we check that the supply is live on the right day
  • We then check meter readings have been given for the start of the new contract
  • We also validate the first bill to ensure that the correct rates have been charged
  • We deal with any queries or mistakes made by the new supplier (an easy phone call, no waiting on the line for someone to answer!)
  • We deal with any objections that may be raised by current supplier
  • Finally, we submit termination notices

But our service doesn’t end there. If you have any queries or issues once your new supply is live we will deal with them for you. Our service to your business continues throughout your supply contract meaning you don’t have to deal with the energy supply company.

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