Wattstor Battery Storage & Energy Management System (EMS) for Commercial sites

Maximise solar PV to create an energy eco-system that reaps rewards.

At Mole Energy, we appreciate the increasing need that industrial, commercial and agricultural sites have to improve sustainability whilst managing costs. We also understand that it can be resource intensive to navigate the best choices when complex electricity markets and restrictive grid constraints have to be taken into account. That’s where Wattstor comes in. 

A self-contained, scalable solution
Wattstor provides modular, scalable battery systems for agricultural, commercial, and industrial sites with over 30kW solar arrays installed. Their energy eco-system offers quick payback with BESS and an award-winning energy management system to connect all energy resources across a site, including solar PV, batteries, operational equipment, and electric vehicle charging, with both indoor and outdoor solutions available.

What is an Energy Management System (EMS)?
Wattstor customises their battery solutions to your business needs and uses EMS technology to maximise savings and reduce environmental impact. An EMS is like a software-based brain that manages energy use and storage on site, collecting and analysing data from various sources to control and optimise energy use.

Grid constraints issues?
Wattstor’s proven breakthrough technology using DC-DC coupled solar connections, combined with battery storage and EMS, enables sites to add a significant amount more solar to their site than grid constraints might lead you to believe.

Wattstor Battery Storage
Wattstor How it works 2023 Mole Energy

Ideally suited for commercial sites with solar array install of 50kW or more.
Wattstor’s combined solution of battery and EMS, to support solar, automatically decides how energy on a site should be generated, stored and consumed for maximum ROI, without risk.

The result:

  • Lowest-cost operations within grid constraints
  • Significant energy bill reductions (up to 70%)
  • Adaptive electric vehicle charging
  • Agile load control
  • Maximised use of on-site renewable generation
  • Reduced carbon emissions.

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